Message From CEO

” our photographers are not the average photographers. They are well-trained and experienced as they have got their training directly from the IUTPS and from our chief photographer J.H. Shuvo. Attending world class photography exhibition and workshop is one of their concern. We have got the group of experts . We have a chief photographer,a theme maker,a stylist,and a choreographer to improve your postures. We won’t stop taking your photos until you are fully satisfied.

We value your special day and know how much precious it is for you. The gala day of one’s life passes so quickly that when you look back, you will find a blur memory of that. Specially without the memories captured by the cameras it would all seem just like a scattered oblivion. So, to make the very special day ever memorable for you and to let you have reminiscence Dream Weaver is always at your service! Celebrate those moments again and again with your near and dear ones. “