Exclusive 2

  • Cinematographer: 2 Top Cinematographers and 1 Top Associate Cinematographer.

    Full HD: 3 Camera Units

    Video Quality: 1080P (1920×1080)

    Lighting setup

    Duration: As Long As The Event Continues.

    • Story type / Documentary which is planned by specialized team.
    • Conceptual Cinematography of every details.
    • 3 hours Pre/Post Wedding Session Planned and Directed by Mazharul Islam Rafi/ Imran Shahed / Nafis Fuad Shuvo.
    • Using Special Lenses and outdoor Light Setup.
    • Outdoor sessions.
    • 45-60 mins edited video.
    • A promo of about 3-5 minutes of the event.
    • Motion Units.
    • Post Processing by Our Best Editor.