First Facebook Page!

It was the eve of Bangla New Year of 2012 when the four planned with their friends and clients for a photoshoot at the Dhaka University campus. With the task of photography done, they faced with the dilemma of ways to send the photographers to those people. Just with the tinkering of the confusion, they came up with the idea of opening up a Facebook page. Deciding to upload the captured photographs of the four, they also found out a window to showcase the photographs of different weddings or events. Simultaneously, it seemed an impeccable exposure media to express their skills to the world. Without further ado and prompt implication of their idea, they opened a Facebook page of Dream Weaver on that very night. Being enriched with mesmerizing photographs from multitude of perspectives, the Facebook page of Dream Weaver has a count of almost 0.85 million followers and comparable number of Likes.