First Office!

It was all about the story of 4 students when they resided in the halls of IUT and hence could not deal with clients as official propaganda. Jobayer Shuvo shifted to a new house in Uttara with two of his friends back in 2012 after graduation. They already had started receiving offers for events but was in desperate need of an office to have a conversation and advance payment from the clients. That indulged the thought of having an office of their own despite having a limited capital to do so. Out of all ways, they decorated the living room of their rented house as the small office of Dream Weaver. As the only furniture to enhance the decorum of their office, they had a newly bought table and chair from Navana accompanied by some of their masterpieces in frames. As the number of clients kept increasing with time, they was in need of a bigger office. With Nafis and Imran getting completing graduation, finally they were successful in finding a duplex building at Uttara. Overcoming all the barriers of reluctance to giving rent to bachelors and that too for an office or photographic studio, Dream Weaver had finally an address of its own- Uttara, Sector-9, Road No.1, House No.-23.