It took no time for Nafis Fuad Shuvo to realize his expertise in photography during his early days in IUT. However, the name of Photographic society or IUTPS was not yet prominently audible in the campus at those times. But when IUTPS made a strong mark of its presence there, his presence there had also escalated. Unfortunately, it was only a Compact Digital Camera to accompany his talent in photography then. Following the trails of few seniors and close friend Imran Sahed, he made up his mind in buying the weapon of his desire, a DSLR camera. It was during the end of 2011, when Shuvo and Imran went outside on numerous ocassions in pursuit of their desired photography. And obviously as the subject of photogaphy could not be any better other than the campus of IUT. It was of that time, when wedding photography had started evolving. Even the news of some seniors managing their primary expenses swiftly was often eared in the campus. Out of those seniors, they (Nafis and Imran) chose Jobayer Hossain Shuvo for the sole reason of his inspiring attitude towards photography and perseverance towards showing others ways to improve without any criticism. They also observed the presence of relentless creativity in his works which impelled them to continuously seek the privilege of working with him. It was an incident of January 2012 when the desire intensified in Nafis and Imran when they saw a junior of them going out with Jobayer Shuvo for making out some cash through wedding photography. It also crossed their mind that, a boy younger of their age managed successfully to impress Shuvo. And this young boy goes by the name of Mazharul Islam Rafi. This indulged a constant creed in them to go out someday with their senior Shuvo for a wedding shoot. Finally when they got the chance in a wedding shoot, they did not fail to meet the expectations of Shuvo. Those incidents led to many occasions when the three went out with Jobayer Shuvo for photography. It was on one night in March when the idea of opening a photography group struck their mind. The idea turned into a concept in reality as the desire of photography was not a bit deficient in any of them and it could not be any better if the desire could be turned into profession. Despite working with many others, the passion and works of these three left a strong mark in JHS that it left no doubt in himself to respond to their thought. In that night of March, the trail of a new journey started for the name, Dream Weaver, with JHS leading the group with Nafis, Imran and Rafi. Just after 2 days, JHS received the call for the task of shooting the wedding of his senior and lecturer of IUT, Mr. Rezwan, in Pabna. The event was on 29th March and indeed the first shoot of Dream Weaver that just took its birth.