Imran Shahed

During his college life, he bought Sony K750 from his savings of Eid and allowance from his family. His phone allowed him to take great photographs which also had scope for experimenting and editing. His aspiration for photography started from here. When his classes started in IUT, he joined the photographic society which further inspired him.
By the time he was in second year, he saved an amount of BDT 30,000 which he used along with a few grand from his family to buy a DSLR, Nikon D90, 18-105 lens. At most of the nights he along with his friends and seniors would roam around the campus for photowalk. Amidst the sodium light, his confidence pinnacled.
By this time, his friend Nafis had also bought DSLR and built the empire of Dream Weaver together with Jobayer Shuvo.
Imran was born and brought up in Chittagong. His school life was spent in Ispahani Public School while his college was Chittagong College. He also graduated from mechanical engineering in IUT.