Jobayer Hossain Shuvo

At the end of the sophomore year in IUT, Jobayer Shuvo and his friends decided to explore Coxs’ Bazar. While it had been their utmost desire to shoot at the perfect time when none of their feet was touching the ground but achieving the success of a synchronized jump was getting difficult for them. With a Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera, as their only available weapon at that time, after several failed attempts by many of his friends, Jobayer Shuvo was the one to get the picture perfect shot This masterpiece made its place as the cover photo of each and every one of his friends’ respective Facebook profile with the photo courtesy – Jobayer Hossain Shuvo. From that moment, he gained a nickname of ‘photographer’.
Jobayer Hossain Shuvo is the protagonist of Dream Weaver. His journey as a photographer started back in his childhood days in Comilla although it did not see the light until his life in IUT. His first camera, an auto roller Yasica camera was gifted by his father which made him walk from alley to alley to capture moments.
In 2011, peer pressure influenced a desire in him to buy a DSLR but his family would not permit it, so he decided to spend the remuneration that he earned from tutoring. His first DSLR was D7000 along with 18-105 lens, 35mm lens and a flash. Simply buying a camera did not satisfy him, to emulate himself in photography he would watch the tutorials from youtube to learn different functions of the camera and lens. In the meantime, he would take snaps in and outside the campus. One of his photos from Banani overbridge gained its position on an international inter university exhibition ‘Break the Circle’ in 2011. An year later, his another work was also exhibited there.
In his final year in IUT, he wanted to create an album consisting portraits of all the individuals of his batch. Everyone was awestruck by his level of creativity, they knew he was different, he had what it takes to be a photographer. Thereby his friend Tanjib offered him to cover his sisters’ wedding. From teachers to seniors to friends, his demand as a photographer kept thriving on that time.
When it came to weddings, covering the whole program single handedly was difficult so he would take others along with him. Sometimes a friend or a junior would accompany him but among them Rafi, Nafis and Imran excelled. This is the story behind the inception of the platform of Dream Weaver.
Jobayer Hossain Shuvo was brought up in Comilla, He completed his SSC from Comilla Zila School and was later admitted in Notre Dame College. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IUT.