Nafis Fuad Shuvo

Once while visiting his maternal village, he found a kitten lying on a branch. It was silent while it gawked at him with big round glistening eyes. He presented the photo to the seniors of the photographic society in IUT which was then marked exceptional and was selected for intra university exhibition. A senior even named the photo ‘Majestic Look’, that was when he was inspired and encouraged in photographing.
In his childhood, his family owned a Yasica camera, which had grasped an enormous amount of his time then. In his college life, he had a Nokia N70 phone which had only 2 megapixel camera, but took a great pride in taking photos with that. After entering into the university with a ceaseless desire to buy a digital camera, he bought his first digital camera is own savings and donation from his mother. “Majestic Look” is one of its’ production.
His love for photography got magnified in IUT. Getting awestruck by the mesmerizing photos in facebook and flickr, it was high time to buy a DSLR when he found his simple digital camera unaccustomed to take such snaps. One of his close friends, Imran already had a DSLR which further increased his thirst for DSLR. In January 2012, along with his own savings from scholarships and allowance from his family he bought his desired DSLR. He never had to look back after that as he used to work in IUTs’ photographic society and that is where he met Jobayer Shuvo. Nafis Fuad Shuvo aka NFS started making his place in this Dream Weaver platform.
Nafis grew up in Khulna, studied in Khulna Zilla School and completed his HSC from Rajuk Uttara Model School. He completed his graduation on mechanical engineering.