It was just before the shoot in Pabna when it crossed their mind that, they need an identity of the unnamed group and even a visiting card that could play a significant role in enhancing some publicity of the group. It was on the list of Nafis to design the logo and visiting card on the account of his primary knowledge in software. But the foremost difficult they faced upon was a name that they had to give to their dream. Out of the array of names everyone came up with, not a single could grasp to their liking. Despite of the event being 2 days later, they were still dubious with the single question, “What shall be the name of our group?” The story of Einstein getting the clue to his unsolved puzzle while in washroom is known to everyone. Nafis turned out to be the Einstein of this plot when the name of name of a designing software as ‘Dream Weaver’ popped out of his head. Overwhelmed with the name, he found the match of how people weave their strings of wedding dream moments throughout life. During these special moments, they cultivate their desire to live the entire life with their special counterpart forever. It took only an instant to amaze everyone with the amazing concept that harmonizes their ideals of weaving the memories of people. The group finally had a name of their dream- Dream Weaver.