Afrida Binte Mirza

Dream Weaver covered my engagement ceremony! And the way they took care of it was beyond my expectations and imagination. The Team of Dream Weaver was so cooperative and fun-loving besides taking photographs. To be honest they became like a part of my family.

Starting off with Shuvo Bhaiya, he is simply amazing! He takes less than 30 seconds and gives you the perfect shot! Most of my portrait pictures taken by Shuvo Bhaiya are breath-taking! And he is so sweet with everyone. May Allah The Almighty make him more successful in the near future.

Mahid Bhaiya was fantastic! He is so friendly and handles little details with care! And Tanbir Bhaiya toh onek sweet chilo! He took care of all the guests and took ravishing pictures of my groom! Last, but not the least, Cinematographer Bhaiya ta onek joss chilo! Captured little blissful moments Alhamdulillah! Both the promo and the video made me so emotional!

Hats off to the Dream Weaver team! May Allah bless you all! I would love to hire them again and again for all my future programs and functions. And I definitely would love to suggest people to hire them! Lots of love from Afrida and Saadman!