Samia Tamjim Izma

Dream weaver- just weaved the dream of ours becoming a couple. It was our long cherished dream to capture our most special day by dream weaver… 🙂
Starting off with Rafi Bhaiya, he is simply awesome!!! Thank you so much for your every capture..You just made me more beautiful than the real me… 😀 And the couple pictures, they are the best…It’s like our dreams come true.. ^_^
I am really amazed after getting all photos and specially the expressions dat captured in every photo is truly amazing… ?
Last, but not the least, the Cinematography.. Captured every little blissful moments..Both the promo and the video made me so happy!!!
Thanks to DW team for taking all the pains and the way they took care of it was beyond my expectations. The Team was so supportive and fun-loving besides taking photographs…:)
May Allah bless you all.. 😀 Lots of love from Izma & Faisol.. <3